I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18

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Celebrate the Equinox
Fly Away
Day at a Time
Read The Instructions 'First'
Old Glory
Lift or Drag
Skipping Steps
Furry Battle
Jay Walking
Confined Watcher
Quirky Blessing
Rising to the challenge
Fond Travel
A Good Laugh
The Solution
Morning Music
Morning Stars
Not a Victim
Ode to My Mechanic
I Haven’t Arrived
Result Maker
Pith and Brevity
Unexpected Mirror
Christmas Across the Years
Mom Helen
How Much Our Interest Means
Magi as I See Them
Two Thousand Eleven
Villanelle about History
Dreaming With Daddy
Waiting in the Intensive Care Unit
Driving East in the Morning
The battle of the ruffles
Diamonds of the North
It Just Slipped My Mind
February Fooling Us
Blessings for the day
It’s a Matter of Spelling
The Light of inspiration
A Possible “Snownario”
Paradigm Shift
When Progress is Lacking
A Solution For Discord
How Do I Empathize With Thee
Wisconsin Climate
Ozhmagronzer’s Plight
Kitty Cats
Planning for Flowers
A little rhyme of spring
St. Patrick's Day
Memories of a distant past
Anticipating Smiles
Uplifting Ideas
The Pirates Versus Creatures of the Deep
Dialog With My Muse
Be Jolly in a World Gone Wild
Shards Cast upon the Lord
The Toboggan Ride of Life
The Journey from old to new
Daylight Confusion Time
Deserts Blossom like Fields of Flowers
Our Librarian Champion of Truth
The Candlelight of Friendships
Nature's Grand Charismatic Time of Renewal
In Touch Across the Miles
Fearful Cries from the Shadows of Night
Old Man Winter resists Mother Spring's return

Heroine Bravely Suffers in Silence
Winter Batters Desolation's Land
The Glimmering Hope of Spring
Unveiling Life's Scroll of Remembrance
Let Love's Power Remove the Blinders
Pup at the House
Joy is where Good Neighbors abide
Who Is My Neighbor?
A Helping Hand, A Good Friend
Farm Grieves for Its Owner
A Joke, A Smile evokes
The Sands of Time Pass in Review
Spring Comes to the Land and the Soul
A Traveler's Guide down Misty Trails
The Bright Hour of Hope has Dawned
The Marvelous OverHaul of the Heart
An Open Door that can not be Close
A Pet's guide for Master Training
Transplanting Flowers
Spring's Restoration of Life Holiday
The Highway of Life
A Pure Heart's Playful Journey
The Sweet Victory of Gentleness
Its a Brand new day
The Flickering Flame of Life
The Caring Hands of Jehovah
The Harmonious Battle
The Senescent Frame
Nature's Conductor
The Elusive Answer
The Fleeting Moments of Dawn
The Ancient Celestial Guide
Begin each Day Anew
In Memory of all brave souls
Cleaning the Clutter, Freedom's door
A Daydreamer's hope
The Hidden Secret of Success
The Fragile Nature of Ideas
A Labyrinth Transversed
The Day of the Bluebird
An Angel in the Shadows
The Rustic Rough-hewn Lawn
An Epitaph to a Bluebird
When Geese fly north in Winter
A Road in the Wilderness
It’s Child’s Play
The Quiltworks of Life
God bless your sleep
Electrical Interruption
The Sounds of Summer
Progress from the Simpler Times
Preparing for the Journey
Babbage's Torment
Celebrating Liberty
Life's Intricate Balance
Memories of the Perpetual generations
The Shining Hour of Graduation
Good morning, Lord
The Taming of the Troubled Troll
The Dance of the Mid-summer fairies
A Bridge over Life's dark Canyons
Villainous Snail Closes Beach
The Passageway of Wheels
Fair Time Again
Left, right, on sand or sod
Life's Chronic Discomforts
The Treasure of a picture's memories
Growing Up is not Easy
The Dance of the Nonagenarian
The imperfection of the oral voice
The Camaraderie of the Saints
Old Horses never Die, They just Fade Away
Tubing on the Apple River
Serendipity's Grand Design
Monarch of the Past
How to love the Majesty
Out There is Reality
The Ballot Choice
Affirmation's Positive Influence
Locator Contraption
Best Construction
Disastrous Dressing
The First Day of Learning's Journey
Contentment's Fragile Nature


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