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When Geese fly north in Winter

I知 going to find the remedy. Yes!
The very thing got you into this mess.
You値l cheer, and you値l praise
The savvy I show.
It will not take days;
You値l see, and you値l know.
I値l find you the gadget,
The thing-a-ma-jig.
As sure as my name is
Mahalia McFig.

I値l chop it down, build it up,
Say what you need.
I値l get you a Band aid
Before you can bleed.
If someone does you wrong,
I値l bring him to court
Before he can protest,
Grumble or snort.
Through miles of mudballs
And acres of sludge,
He値l come dragging his sorry
Feet to the judge.

I値l get you a lawyer,
A hot shot one sure,
And every complaint that
You have, he値l adjure.
I値l bring over my car,
Take you everywhere,
Get you all kinds of do-dads
To frizzle your hair.

If you want to skydive,
I値l call pilots too,
Who値l let you stay alive,
Drifting down in the blue.
Take you to sandy beaches,
Where you値l warm your toes,
Steer you clear of leeches,
Gift you with a rose.

If that痴 not enough,
I値l come mow your lawn,
Make your bed, pillows fluff,
Watch your house when you池e gone.

What痴 that? You池e asking
Me to do something?
When geese fly north in winter
And south in the spring.

05/29/2011 Carol Morfitt
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