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A Road in the Wilderness

The road ahead is still an open page,
Although the plans are made, appointments set.
Every morning brings its version of wage
for efforts put forth, expectations met.

What will it be, a face with smile or frown,
a hand of help, of others or of mine?
Will I find beauty in the land or town,
or pass by, preoccupied with past design?

The road ahead becomes the place of now,
I engage where rubber meets the road,
and come to grips concretely with the how
to operate in plans and efforts sowed.

The road began, though open, unexplored,
full of plans I had devised, put into play,
with input and instruction gleaned and stored,
it was the unexpected made my day.

Maybe a foible, pratfall, or a jest,
breaking the progression of the day,
or the surprise that may be the best,
a warm friend joining us along the way.

06/01/2011 Carol Morfitt
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