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An Epitaph to a Bluebird

Oh Bluebird, with your cheery air,
Depicting hope and happy days,
A nest in hollow tree your lair,
Birdhouse, if liking human ways,

A quality, both boon and bane,
You choose an opening akin
To what trees, hollow, would contain;
And like swifts, chimneys may enter in.

And, also admirable, you will
Aid mate or fellow in distress.
Hearing its cry, the need to fill,
Fly in the perilous ingress.

Bluebirds, for which I waited long,
Prepared, delighted, at your sight,
Transported by your cheerful song,
Confused, dismayed, shocked at your plight.

My little stove held sad remains
Of planned companions’ coming cheer.
Too late, I learned of bluebird ways;
Away slipped hope of something dear.

So, now I know how brave and true,
Hearing your mate’s urgent call,
Confirming the old saying “true blue,”
You entered in and gave your all.

©05/28/2011 Carol Morfitt
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