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Waiting in the Intensive Care Unit

We wait:
The heart, the bones,
The chart, chime tones,
Some agitation and frustration,
Awaiting expert information.

When comfort brought,
With tension fraught,
As consciousness
Delays, and stress
Hovers; relieve pain:
See life again?

We wait
While forces vie
To lose, to gain,
Still, powerless, lie.
Hours long, emotions hard,
Willing to some change perceive
Acceptance of delaying word.
Projections form; improvement? Grief?

Hours early, selves preparing,
Weariness at hours late,
Drawing close, concern and caring,
So we wait.

Over all, a Power great
Sees and knows and ever cares,
While hoping, trusting at His gate,
He says, “I’m with you everywhere—
And love you while you wait.”

©01/20/2011 Carol Morfitt
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