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Dreaming With Daddy

How Daddy laughed when his little girl
Sang "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend."
On her skinny little legs, she'd whirl,
Skipping lightly as she played pretend.

Time passed, and she knew it wasn't gems
Or wealth that her heart desired,
But to have as love her own best friend,
Her dreams and her hopes aspired.

"Daddy," she said, "If I want what's best,
Don't let greed and glitter hold sway,
Don't you think that love would stand the test,
In December as well as in May?"

He smiled as he ruffled her yellow mane,
"The future isn't always that clear;
Listen to your heart, but use your brain.
Be attentive God's message to hear."

Life with its bumps, as well as bright stars,
Does test truth and stamina too,
As we look at our laurels and scars,
We learn more of what really is true.

Though our desire may be for what's best,
Life promises us no guarantee.
Our Creator holds us in each test,
As we trust Him for what should be.

God said, "If you will first seek me,
All these things to you I will add."
He may open our eyes to see
An error in view we have had.

Whether for goods, for health, or friends,
It just isn't our sovereign right,
New priorities our course may amend.
New vistas may the come in sight.

" Daddy,"she sings, life moves along,
And jewels and friends take their role.
Nice that he smiled while she sang her song,
"Daddy, thanks for hearing my goal."

01/10/2011 Carol Morfitt
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