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Driving East in the Morning

A pale thread creeps along the skyline,
faint plumes of sheer light promising the day,
set out for the required destination,
dim light, I almost pray for a delay.

Pink and gold streaks, gently breaking dawn,
a promise, threat, if you must face the glare,
anticipated light, as it comes softly on,
how to face the brilliance to be there?

Sky lovely with pre-dawn fading stars,
the moon prepares to bid the night adieu.
Will sunglasses be equal to the glare,
when the sun's bold force emerges into view?

Glistening dew and brightening hue,
almost unnoticed amid apprehension,
begin then I must, try, trust and do,
and carry out what was my planned intention.

Go forward as the first beams play on haze,
"Oh, little clouds could you just briefly cover",
until I reach a turn, avoid direct bright rays,
or even until my morning trip is over.

A ridge, an angle of the road's ascent,
a fence row of trees provides a break,
between my shielded vision, hesitant,
and the emerging brilliance about to wake,

Now grateful for the easing of eye strain,
the miles behind me with so little angst,
the beauty of unfolding sky, brightening terrain,
turn the reluctant travel mode to thanks.

Why dread? This trip is quite routine,
this traveler, though accustomed, feeling tense,
the sky in panoramic glory seen,
and blessed with heaven sent magnificence.

01/24/2011 Carol Morfitt
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