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Progress from the Simpler Times

When, during a hot spell, you visit a warm state,
It may not work out just like you thought.
Although you may perspire both early and late,
Most likely in cold drafts you’re caught.

Air conditioning brings cool when you want it,
A bit too cold when you’d rather not.
Though the thermostat has varied temps on it,
Those with you prefer cold or hot.

Those who like balmy climes bear the goose bumps,
And cold weather lovers get steamed.
Although the AC can ease temperature humps,
There’s more conflict than you would have dreamed.

“I didn't come here to freeze my derriere.”
One may say, while others complain,
“If we’d turn this thing down, I wouldn't frown;
Humid heat is too much of a pain.”

Remember when, car windows down back then,
Our hair blew into tangles and knots;
But, thanks to this trend, we don’t do that again,
AC in the car helps us lots.

The directional vent may discomfort prevent,
Such a help when traveling in cars,
But in a hotel or restaurant as well,
One temp is yours, mine and ours.

May I digress, the joys of progress
Serve us in so many spheres.
A small world is enjoyed; restraint is employed,
For AC, three (conditional)cheers.

©06/12/2011 Carol Morfitt
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