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Preparing for the Journey

Toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, and nightgown,
Robe and slippers, tuck in too,
Stationery, things you write down,
Extra slacks, a pair thatís new.

Donít forget the facial tissue,
Moisturizer, liner, blush,
Deodorant, important issue,
Pack ahead, no frantic rush.

Take phone numbers you may call there,
Postage stamps and address book,
Messages, gifts, see theyíre all there;
One more time now, take a look.

Take your camera, memory card,
Grandchildrenís pictures take for sure.
Make a list; check off, thatís not hard.
Shirts, skirts, belts, youíll be secure.

Pack a very tiny hairspray,
To get through security;
Add extra change of lingerie,
If prolonged unexpectedly.

Photo batteries and phone charger;
Make sure ID proof is current;
Bottles take, three ounce, no larger;
Confiscated if they werenít.

Itís a new leaf for you, and how!
Your friends will all be so surprised.
As you wipe your weary brow,
Glad that you got organized

Wait! Remember; mark your luggage;
It may go to Timbuktu.
Be prepared for kiss and huggage
As your loved ones welcome you.

©06/13/2011 Carol Morfitt
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