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Life's Intricate Balance

Dear friend, enjoy the bitter with the sweet,
The high and low of life, unflinching savor.
Texture and interest heighten as they meet,
And one serves to highlight the other’s flavor.

Cultivate the best of both serenity and boldness,
Adventurous imagination with the tame.
Self control needs not to smack of coldness;
Ice has its purpose, so, as well, has flame.

Though some may say derisively, “How tame.”
Order and steadiness bring progress at length.
Forcefulness with patience fuel the same,
And true gentleness is born of inner strength.

And, so the joy of life with temperance is more,
The thrills without disaster there may be.
With seasoning, we may savor to the core,
Dear friend that I advise, it’s you or me.

©06/17/2011 Carol Morfitt
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