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Celebrating Liberty

Here it comes again, praising, acknowledging the glory,
Forefathers brought us, striving, battling for liberty,
And we, the beneficiaries, well may carry on the story,
Message of sacrifices, giving choice to you and me.

What heroes, in cracked, blood-stained boots and muzzle-loading piece,
Bravely Held the flag through cannon fire's intense barrage.
Who, though staggering, refused to let determination cease,
And attained their sought after, precious goal more than mirage.

Men with courage to come forth, to take the podium and pen,
And, in the face of tyrants, once their leaders, drive their cause,
Reviving shattered hopes and staunchly holding on to gain,
Bringing forth glorious liberty, surviving private loss.

They held the truths to be self-evident, and now we live,
In the land they dared and bled, left families, gave lives,
To bring into reality. Again with hearts and acts, we give
Homage, gratitude, joy, that a nation of the people thrives.

Time comes to gather on a humid summer night,
And celebrate with rockets not as weapons but display,
Gladly recognize with laughter, music, bursting light ,
What was won for us through fortitude in bloody fray.

So we take our lawn chairs, blankets and mosquito spray
And celebrate what was won on bloody fields, in graves.
We stand and hear the grand and patriotic music play,
Yes, over this free country that Star Spangled Banner waves.

06/16/2011 Carol Morfitt
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