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Dialog With My Muse

“Will you ever have a serious thought?”
My muse is prone to ask,
“Inviting and mysterious, wrought,
For a literary task?”

Well, I’ll show you, I’ll think some thing,
You never thought I’d think,
About shopping and wearing bling,
Enough to make you blink.

I’ll think of shopping, sight-seeing too;
I’ll take a chartered bus.
With a group go to the zoo,
With driving left to “us.”

I think perhaps I’m winding down,
To think, access my heart,
And very soon, words will come ‘round,
And meaningful thought will start.

But, now I ask you, my dear muse,
Before you cast a pall,
If it were not nonsense I’d choose,
Would there be sense at all?

©03/09/2011 Carol Morfitt
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