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Be Jolly in a World Gone Wild

It's time to announce,
The world's going wild,
Each folly denounce,
Beyond being a child.

Obey, well, I'll try,
Is simply a must;
Tell worries good-bye,
and happily trust.

snarls send away,
and cursing dismiss.
hurts of the day,
being healed by a kiss.

Delete from the earth,
then, crime, hoods, and thugs.
and point to the worth
of skipping and hugs.

Through puddles we'll run,
with caution, in case,
nobody finds fun,
being splashed in the face.

We'll try to take turns
and share, too, our chalk;
That's what a child learns,
and hear when you talk

Not jump off the teeter
when you're in the air,
and not be a cheater,
friends should be fair.

Remember, be silly,
and laugh a whole bunch,
cuddle when it's chilly;
with buddies share lunch.

Let the sun warm our hair
as we run in the breeze,
fluffy clouds in the air,
flowers up to our knees.

We'll try to recall
the things we've been told;
Keep our eye on the ball,
and our friend's hand hold.

We don't need the folly,
past being a child.
Then we can be jolly
in a world that's gone wild.

03/09/2011 Carol Morfitt
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