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The Pirates Versus Creatures of the Deep

It’s a rollicking tale of the boisterous sea,
The kind of things very young folks like to see.
Though it came at a regular, commonplace time,
Cast with creatures of notable weirdness and slime.

We were stalking the silky, sailbearing slicks,
Who become flat and filmy, subtle, smart hiding tricks.
They would hide in this special ingenious style,
Slipping sideways sedately, not seen for a while

They were flanked by a flock of spiked spider fish,
With eight prickly pincers, they’d pinch what they wish
A scurrilous, skillful schemer, a scrog,
Tempted their pincers from under a log.

Wondrous woozles with wispy, willowy waists,
Were pasting the creatures together with pastes.
Eight awkward octopi, tentacles tangled,
A fright to the eye, left our minds all jangles.

Then well-behaved fish with no pinches or glue,
Found they were entrapped by these antics too.
The octopi winced, sharing their grief,
Avoiding the points of a bright coral reef.

The scene was enlivened by crayfish and eel,
Who wound in and out, however they’d feel
With rambunctious roiling, they stirred up the sea,
In a way seldom seen in polite company.

The pinching and pasting slowed up the hunt,
For the wily slicks; we were stuck for a stunt.
Then in this sticky and tangled up scene,
A band of pirates appeared, fast, greedy, and mean.

Searching for wealth unlawfully gained,
They didn’t suppose they were in for such pain.
Besides the sea being all tangled and sticky,
They were about to meet the termites most tricky.

Who didn’t like peglegs or parrots or pikes,
Or pirate ships nailed together with spikes.
With clandestine capers and sly, skillful hearts,
The termites took to tearing the timbers apart.

So, taken aback by the tangle and glue,
The pirates looked about to see what to do.
Then, noticing timbers fast falling apart,
Their hopes for the riches were far from their heart.

”It’s a touch too tangled for thieves such as we,
Who deviously delve dark deposits at sea.”
The pirates were looking for even a plank,
To save themselves on, before the ship sank.

They demanded all crabs and the eels, with a roar,
To form a raft so they could float to the shore.
The octopi watched, all tangled and caught,
To see if crayfish and eels could do aught.

But, though you demand, or though you cajole,
Crayfish and eels will not stand for control.
So the pirates, left flailing out in the sea,
Only made the slick-hunting confused as can be.

Then, a slick spoke up and said, “If you’ll agree,
To cancel your hunting, I’ll try and help see,
A way out of this sticky and pinching mess;”
To all of the creatures he gave this address.

“Let’s turn this around, take away the pinches,“
The woozles began to scrape glue off by inches’
The termites then offered the pirates a deal,
They’d give back some boards with a word not to steal.

So with those words that showed they repent,
The pirates swam back on the boards they were lent.
Like Jonah in the tummy of the fish, being treats,
Was released with good riddance by tickling its feets,

The slicks, spiderfish, woozles, and octopi too,
Made friends with the crayfish and eels, wouldn’t you?
Wild, chaotic, strange creatures may mix in the sea,
But not get neurotic if they find harmony.

The bottom line and almost the end,
Treat him nice though you may not think he’s your friend.
So, all of these creatures were happy and free,
To enjoy each other and swim in the sea.

©03/07/2011 Carol Morfitt
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