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Contentment's Fragile Nature

I think I’ll quit saying, “Oh, well,”
When I look in the mirror,
And kinder things, myself I’ll tell;
Let life become much clearer.

I think that I’ll begin to show,
The kindness I show you;
As your good points I let you know,
Do so to myself too.

I have many better traits and gains,
Fostered by the years.
Accomplishment its place attains;
The truth trumps doubts and fears.

If I see each line with discontent,
My color on the wane,
No profit seen in effort spent,
New chances—down the drain.

Now, let my mirror say, “Hi, Babe!
What’s in store for today?”
I’ll give a smile and get some back;
It will go well this way.

©08/19/2011 Carol Morfitt
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