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The First Day of Learning's Journey

Little one, you mean to say,
You're going to board the bus today
And let go of your mother's hand?
Let confidence equip your stand.

When that bus, yellow and black,
Rolls on up, in your backpack,
Take with your colors and your glue,
Words that help you see what's true.

Sunshine from a summer day,
Guiding hands along the way,
Wonder of the starry skies,
Inspiring your eager eyes.

When you step through that bus door,
What you've seen and done before,
Sets the stage for what is new.
Let it warmly welcome you.

May the one who shares your seat
Be a friend that's fun to meet.
The teacher, smiling, at the door,
Make you feel at home and more.

When the bus rolls up that day,
Hugs, good wishes go your way.
While new things you do and see,
How happy coming home will be.

08/18/2011 Carol Morfitt
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