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Celebrate the Equinox

Smoldering burn as sumacs turn
Claret to deep port at the roadside,
Maples flare, fall declare,
Scarlet tresses lightly blow-dried.
Fragrant smoke, arise!
Bright fires, visualized, or burning;
Spiral high in blue skies,
Churning, turning, yearning.

Golden fields display their yields,
Pumpkinís orange color glowing.
Candles bright gleam at night,
Celebrate the year of growing.
On, starlight games!
Nighttime in wonder steeping,
Campfires call, dancing flames,
Star-struck, moonbeam keeping.

Frosty morn, ripened corn,
Geese are flying in formation,
Harvest moon, bright stars strewn
Attend this span of lifeís pulsation.
Chant, evening bird.
Voice the seasonís soft goodbye;
Echo, music, barely heard,
Tinkling, sprinkling the sky.

©2010 Carol Morfitt
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