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Shards Cast upon the Lord

Dear buddy, with shards in your heart.
I'll not presume to heal,
Or say I know in every part
Or fathom what you feel.

Because you're like my flesh and blood,
You'll explain, I know, away.
Your mind will cover with the good,
Times intent has gone astray.

It does no good to rationalize,
Make believe I just don't know;
I share a bit of seeing eyes,
Of all beings here below.

We look and see the other's deeds;
We only see our own intent.
The burden carried far exceeds
What we think may have been meant.

The threads so tangled on this side
Have order that is not yet known.
The Artist will the truth provide,
even through our errors shown.

So it seems we can't excuse,
or wrong somehow repay,
and futile, too, to go recluse,
Best trust, "It's just this way."

The once expectant, sprouting seed,
grows into green and beauteous yards,
but out of place becomes a weed,
Just so with random shards.

So, untangled, cast upon the Lord,
shards well arranged can make,
with light revealed, His hand restored,
a beautiful mosaic.

03/10/2011 Carol Morfitt
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