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Unveiling Life's Scroll of Remembrance

Go to the file and please locate year one,
Review what every passing year has brought.
What percent rated, "sorrow," what part rated, "fun?"
Which years in "black" or "red," what lessons taught?

A history document or balance sheet,
And is what received equaled by that given?
Was guidance received by the flighty feet,
Enough to follow paths of kindly living?

And did we learn to laugh as well as cry,
With those who life brings across our way?
A graph that shows the tendency to try.
may register a plus or minus day by day.

It seems,in hindsight, less business than school,
The graphics saved, some pleasing to the eye,
And some, of seeing living cold and cruel,
The options chosen, what we see imply.

The file is tinted by a thing called grace,
The ledger marked , "receipts of loving acts,"
Red overridden by many a smiling face,
And shared lives more valuable than facts.

So, from year one right up until the present,
There seems to be a lot to celebrate.
Declare that as double issued statement of content,
No--strike that--please declare it triplicate.

03/25/2011 Carol Morfitt
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