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Let Love's Power Remove the Blinders

As we look at one another,
We can use a lot of slack.
A sister or a brother
Doesn't need fault painted black.

We're deprived by wearing blinders,
Casting into stereotypes,
Giving negative reminders,
When we need some clean slate wipes.

Like the ancient Scandinaviansí
Wicked trolls and helpful gnomes,
We tend to presuppose which hands,
Good or harm bring to our homes.

We might beseech our God above,
Clear our biased, narrow eyes,
See reason to look on with love,
Each person, every size.

To quote that, "There is so much good,
In the worst, and bad in best,"
It seems that one would think we could,
Put judgment thoughts to rest.

Besides the good that it may do
For all that I may see,
This policy improves the view,
When others look at me

©03/26/2011 Carol Morfitt
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