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The Shining Hour of Graduation

The day: how long have we prepared?
And, even, long before, the efforts and the plans,
To launch a life, you dreamed of, purposed, cared,
Work that childhood, young adulthood spans.

We made the reservations, paid the fares,
Anticipated, bated breath and swelling hearts,
To see the culmination, answer to our prayers,
Now thrilled with thankfulness and taking part.

The day: may sun shine brightly on the life,
That planned and strove and staunchly followed through,
Self discipline, motivation, sacrifice,
Head and footwork, making dreams come true.

Our hats are off; youíve made it as they say,
And, over all, we sense Godís hand, and guiding power.
We pray the same for every future day,
And share the celebration of this shining hour.

©06/26/2011 Carol Morfitt
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