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The Quiltworks of Life

They're recording life in strips and squares,
With hearts poured in and hands employed.
What's planned in solitude, she shares;
Planned in groups, in homes enjoyed.

The story is told in borders and blocks,
Ideas new or designs from the past,
The group to assemble, orderly flocks,
Bringing both kinds of warmth that last .

Some quilts are a treasure of their memoirs,
From a wedding garter's ruffled lace,
To a dress from that prom, enchanting hours,
Printed dress Mama wore everyplace.

Some were pieced through a babe's wakeful hours,
Some for the crib of one on the way
Blocks forming sailboats, dollies or flowers,
Welcome with love and bright appliqué.

The artist's eye and the seamstress's skill,
Eloquent as the fruit of the lips,
As with sociable sharing their hours fill,
They live the now in squares and in strips.

©06/04/2011 Carol Morfitt
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