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The Marvelous OverHaul of the Heart

He promised to give me a heart of flesh,
Where my balky, stony heart resides,
To make this life of mine all new and fresh,
Not only outwardly but deep inside.

He touched my heart and mind with bright, new thoughts,
My old ways gently moving to unravel.
Breaking down my attitudes distraught,
Perhaps into a state like that of gravel.

His kind and wise persistence touches me;
I become willing, eager to discover,
The things His word declares He wills to be,
To make me a gladly bound God lover.

And, at times, growing receptiveness,
Lets inside His winning, gentle kindness,
Then, as He expands perceptiveness,
Loves away the balkiness and blindness.

So the moments of glad "Hallelu,"
Begin to trump that which within is stone,
And tenderness from Him to all of you,
Grows as my heart from rock to flesh is won.

04/08/2011 Carol Morfitt
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