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The Bright Hour of Hope has Dawned

Was it cold that dark, still, joyless morn,
Before the sunís first radiance would disclose,
The man who died in painful, wretched scorn,
In triumph that would change the world, arose?

In crushing grief and staggering, grim dismay,
His followers and loved ones sadly came,
Their champion of fulfillment gone away,
A decent, loving burial now their only aim.

What quiet stars and moon had seen at night,
Dynamic forces blasted bonds of evil power.
Guards, although forced to deny their plight,
Were struck as dead in resurrectionís hour.

The angelís words that brought astonished joy,
ďHe has risen!Ē grown to hope, a fellowship of love,
Hard-won, and those that ardent flame employ,
Seek to bring more to faith in God above.

Though Easter eggs, and bunnies seem to share the stage,
The laughter of children is a pleasure to our Lord.
The joyous victory, proclaimed by every age,
Wherever people hear the gospel word.

Jesus, the Lord, is risen, oh Hallelujah,
Hope alive and free for one and all.
Sing and dance and share the love thatís in you.
Those who will are ransomed from the fall.

©04/07/2011 Carol Morfitt
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