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The Day of the Bluebird

The bluebird home with bright hope was supplied;
Their cheery presence would please the eye and heart.
They missed it when wrens earlier arrived
And used the house before bluebirds could start.

Now the entrance for tiny wrens is small;
Their accommodations kept bluebirds away.
Another year, just bow to protocol
Of birds; switch houses, hope bluebirds would stay.

Next spring, the bluebirds only briefly glanced;
For my efforts, an empty house the sum.
Although their winsome presence Id romanced,
My hopes were still let down bluebirds would come.

This year, I cleaned the houses doggedly,
With outlook seeming just about the same.
Then I looked out, surprised, that on my tree,
They sat on the little house. The bluebirds came!

As I observe their lovely color and ways,
Though tedium sometimes on heartstrings strums,
And delight to know on unanticipated days,
Sometimes, unheralded, a bluebird comes.

05/26/2011 Carol Morfitt
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