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A Labyrinth Transversed

Just a line, a random thought,
among the ideas in the universe,
and suddenly my eagerness is caught,
an urge rises to form it into verse.

With each word the concept then fills out,
imagination embellishes the frame,
vague ideas emerge from working out,
they begin to take on form and name.

A little like fixing a special meal,
limited to the ingredients on hand,
how will the taste and color make us feel,
a sauce, a little spice, a setting planned.

Or like a room that's unadorned and bare;
what will it take to give it life and form?
With color and the needs of users giving care
to strike a balance of airiness and warm.

All endeavors seem to start with random thought,
some trained to follow certain sequence that is set,
and others prone to snatch things never taught,
or rearrange them without care or fret.

While some take words acceptable on sight
and complicate them with a labyrinth transversed,
until, in order at all to see the light,
you throw away all but what's there at first.

05/26/2011 Carol Morfitt
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