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The Toboggan Ride of Life

I've no illusion I can make things happen;
I'll proceed if obstacles should move aside.
I'm afraid to give up my route and mapping,
And say, Lord, I'm along here for the ride.

With a toboggan high up on the hill,
Looking down the shimmering path of snow,
You can't hold back and still enjoy the thrill;
The ride comes only when you just let go.

Oh, think what exciting paths await us,
With the mighty Lord God in the driver's seat,
To challenge and mystify us and elate us,
When our trust in Him becomes complete.

Well, will I take the ride, give up the steering,
Believe He'll guide me into just what's best?
I'll start today with modulated cheering,
And hope His influence will do the rest.

03/11/2011 Carol Morfitt
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