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Planning for Flowers

Seed catalogs lie on the coffee table;
The thermometer outside says six below.
Those not of northern climes might doubt we’re able,
“What kind of hope foresees it all will grow?”

Again, faith seasons bring continuation,
Though knowing we can live only today,
Our plans and preparations lay foundation,
And make possible to see results come May.

And, so let’s dream and plan and labor,
Fall in with rhythm as the seasons turn,
Rubbing elbows with our friends and neighbors,
Day by day to live and grow and learn.

All right, we all depend upon God’s power,
For anything to happen in man or soil,
To bring together each minute and hour,
And give lasting meaning to our toil.

We all desire progress and abundance,
And only through His providence, we can
Live out His will with the assurance,
That a future and a hope are in His plan.

©03/02/2011 Carol Morfitt
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