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Kitty Cats

A teddy bear once entertained
A little kitty-cat,
He rattled playfully her chain,
Looking for laughs, not spat.

The teddy bear looked tough and strong,
All cuddly and warm.
The cat said “phfft, phfft, phfft,”so wrong.
Her hissing like a storm..

So then, the cuddly teddy bear,
Backed off and teased much less.
The little cat thought,” I could swear.
I miss the playfulness.”

The little cat knows better now,
That kindness is the aim ,
Of teddy bears who tease somehow,
A fun and flirty game.

So, entertain a teddy bear,
Understand his style.
A really cuddly teddy bear,
Just wants to make cats smile.

©03/01/2011 Carol Morfitt
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