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Paradigm Shift

I sat in doubt at ‘slow’ or ‘stop’,
Others kindled by a rally.
They seemed to be on mountain top;
Was I unmoved in my valley?

I saw big reactions, mighty sweep,
With emotions blown away,
And moved to show great life and weep.
I was just trying to obey.

Alone, seeing that, from above,
His healing was for me,
I felt His kind, forgiving love,
A new way my life to see.

The Power that could let this be,
To both respond and do,
And faithfully, He touched me,
To follow my life through.

Then words I heard, and actions saw,
More than demand or letter,
When following, felt my heart thaw,
My motives change for better.

I wanted what I saw as light,
Wonderful responses viewing;
I began to see this guidance right,
Led to hearing and to doing.

©02/21/2011 Carol Morfitt
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