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A Possible “Snownario”

The snow advisory upset the day;
Plans were underway for something fun.
Forecasters’ revised report wiped plans away;
A day ahead, predicted snow instead of sun.

A mood devoid of hope then followed this;
Anticipation was with uselessness replaced.
Nothing could measure up to what they’d miss.
The pleasure of the planning was erased.

A drive on slippery roads was seen forbidding,
And staying in seemed disappointing, drab.
The choice between the tense steering and skidding,
And ‘suck it up’ and don’t act like a crab.

Too bad we hadn’t thought to get the sled out,
To waste the lovely snow seems like a shame.
But we never thought to rise and get the lead out,
And missed out on enjoying snow that came.

©02/21/2011 Carol Morfitt
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