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Mom Helen

She didn’t change our diapers
Or feed us baby food,
Or sign on our report cards
That said if we were good.

She didn’t patch our skinned knees
Or send us off to proms.
She came to our life later
Than you might think of moms.

She’d been busy teaching young folks
Of the many skills she had.
Then she came into our family
And made a home for Dad.

She was grandma to our babies,
A helpmeet on the farm,
Working side-by-side with Dad
And keeping home fires warm..

Bustling around at Christmas,
She set spreads fit for kings,
After she’d helped milk and feed
And other farm chore things.

How our many children
Enjoyed her cordial ways,
Good-natured, down-to-earth,
She rates our well-earned praise.

Now, her journey’s changed,
With the Father high above.
She’s given of her best while here.
We say goodbye with love.

©12/09/2010 Carol Morfitt
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