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Christmas Across the Years

The spirit of the Christmas past is in my heart tonight;
The holidays before join with the ones at hand,
A kaleidoscope of longing, of color and delight,
Hearts thankful for the Savior, joyous plenty planned.

Mama would tell how we were on Christmases before,
When we were little ones with eyes aglow,
‘Til we weren’t sure what we recalled and what was Christmas lore.
We celebrate the now, hold dear the long ago.

The winter held night vigils over many farm concerns,
Crop drying, carefully keeping even heat,
With Mama and Daddy on watch, wakefully taking turns,
While she did her magic—silk, wool, in pleats.

And her needlework ‘made-over’ jackets of blue plaid,
Nights passed slowly, and Christmas rolled around.
And packages and candles, a feast abundant made,
With happy folks the party would abound.

Today, the joyous season still holds all the charm,
Although it may be clothed with different trappings.
Not every family has daily chores done on the farm,
But we still prepare for glad surprise unwrappings.

It’s still a time with thanks to share a meaning deep,
Among the merriment that we so treasure,
How the most precious gift came at the time of sleep,
With saving grace, free spirits without measure.

The Christmas tree, now, as then, twinkles merrily,
And gifts a bit more modern take their place..
Sleighs now are replaced by plane and SUV.
But loved-ones still are joining to say grace.

The anticipated joy of family Christmas,
Meeting with dear ones around the bright-lit tree,
The marvelous gifts of Heaven and home are with us,
A season of great joy for you and me.

©12/08/2010 Carol Morfitt
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