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Winter Batters Desolation's Land

"Another inch or two," they say, " by noon,"
And we've already gotten three or four.
We'll have to go out and shovel soon,
Or the exertion will be even more.

It struck us with a vengeance in November,
And icy sleet then followed in its track.
The shovels scraped and scooped throughout December,
No January thaw, wind chill, no lack.

In February when the heart is glowing,
And moderating temperatures the norm,
Oh, look!, Fifteen white inches and gales blowing.
We cynically recall a famed March storm.

But smile, the kids can get their sled out,
And track in forty pounds of soggy snow.
It won't be long, and we'll see winter's fled out,
And spring rains come and balmy breezes blow.

We enjoy the winter, just get a little weary,
And can't help feeling we will be more cheery,
Happy, then, in mansion or in hovel,
In spring when we can put away the shovel.

03/23/2011 Carol Morfitt
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