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Who Is My Neighbor?

Like the oil and the wine that were poured
To relieve the traveler's hurt,
Some don't even know they're serving the Lord
Simply doing what their hearts assert.

As the man saw the cow in the pit
And did not walk by unconcerned,
But made every effort to save it,
Not expecting reward to be earned.

The kindly and warm, friendly smile,
That says it's no trouble at all,
Is a sign of true class and respectable style,
that makes a good neighbor stand tall.

Needs and meeting them seem ongoing
Helping hand, thoughtful mind are a gift.
The milk of human kindness keeps flowing,
Diverse people are given a lift.

The helpers are simply following their heart,
Don't always know they're serving the Lord.
And to many a traveler comfort impart,
When the oil and the wine are outpoured.

03/30/2011 Carol Morfitt
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