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Villainous Snail Closes Beach

The long-closed beach reopened
A couple of years back;
For some whod rued Its end,
Gladly filling a lack.

An insidious creature
Known as water itch
Became such a feature
Beach fun hit the ditch.

So it was proclaimed,
Other venues wed find.
With compliance we aimed ,
With safety in mind.

So there sat the beach
By the shady, cool street,
Although welcoming each,
No one wet his feet.

The odious itch bug
Drove them all away.
They feared the bad thug,
Twenty years if a day.

That sunny, bright beach,
Where we swam, laughed, and learned,
Something only to reach,
In our memory turned.

Where Sam passed beginners,
Susie, toddlers with ease,
And Stan became lifeguard,
Moms were so pleased.

Who was the hero?
Snails that incubated
The bug, down to zero?
With the itch that we hated?

But, swimming and splashing,
Lads little and large,
Girls and ladies find dashing,
Glad summer recharged.

07/14/2011 Carol Morfitt
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