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You’re enumerating actions
That should take place today,
Adding with exaction,
A neat, complete array.

So you will not miss a beat
As you use up the time,
When crossing-off shows you complete
Each task, t’will be sublime.

Though consideration may not be
Given to interruption,
Just, to your list, take a look-see;
Ignore the darned disruption.

When list remains at day’s end,
With many items still,
Try to philosophize, my friend;
Tomorrow’s time it will fill.

Should you lose heart, remember this,
Before you should surrender;
Real organization you may miss
Or be a time miss-spender.

If you toss the list away,
Its rule no more insisted,
It might be whimsical to say,
"You have become unlisted."

©2010 Carol Morfitt
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