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The Treasure of a picture's memories

A picture worth a thousand words,
Captured when the moment's right,
Treasured things or things endured,
Giving memory clear sight.

The exultant instant of the win,
The flower graced by butterfly,
On shadowed path, a peek within,
And keep what might elude the eye.

So treasure the gift of camera,
The skill and sensitivity.
To catch for us the leaf or star,
Nature's amazing symmetry.

Our foot may never press the earth,
Of scenes we know and recognize,
We perceive their impact and their worth,
Seen for us through camera eyes.

The event we hold in memory,
Faces of dear ones, foliage, birds,
Through the lens in skillful hands we see,
A picture worth a thousand words.

07/21/2011 Carol Morfitt
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