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The Highway of Life

This is a tale of the highway,
the freeway to be exact.
It speeds up the progress of my day,
but its little vexations are fact.

The broad road up ahead may mean freedom,
convenient access to my goal,
but the way it works out bothers me some,
although for the best, on the whole.

Don't you think that the chap on the left hand
should maintain speed when he pulls in?
Not causing my slow down, should be banned;
Not only my wish---it's a sin!

When the keepers of law on the highway,
are visiting with red and blue lights,
someone who transgressed--now in my way,
and I should pull left, 'cause it's right.

Then the car in the passing lane dawdles,
causing me to kick mine out of cruise,
and I feel awkward as a duck waddles;
So, again, I sing the freeway blues.

Well, this telling is done, but the trip's not,
because I still have to return.
I wish for no ice or no rain drop,
and no drivers to cause a slow burn.

These freeway blues are, of course, not
of any fault that is mine.
Although I don't drive them a real lot,
I think that my driving is fine.

04/22/2011 Carol Morfitt
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