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St. Patrick's Day

And, aye, 'tis good St. Patrick hailed
with the wearing of the green,
in city, farm, and hamlet,
signs of celebration seen.

Parades, the jig, the revelry,
and good old Irish stew,
if there's a trifle of excess,
it's with good will in view.

"Kiss me, I'm Irish," blazed on pins,
snakes, it's said, he dismissed,
with many pagan practices
included in that list.

A boy, kidnapped to slavery,
a hero of faith became.
Through wisdom, goodness, bravery,
he spread the good Lord's name.

With shillelagh, shamrock, leprechaun,
traditions are celebrated,
though not superstition, but Christian faith,
through his life he instated.

So, sparkling, sing an Irish air;
dance a jig if you've learned the art.
And hail the good St. Patrick;
wear green with a happy heart.

03/04/2011 Carol Morfitt
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