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Spring's Restoration of Life Holiday

Here it comes, the first spring holiday.
If we were holding hope for warmth, we're wishing,
although some avid sportsman well might say,
if only it were season, they'd be fishing.

But we, commemorating deeper things,
display palms like those that were cast at the feet
of our true hero, Jesus, far above all kings,
as He rode, among praises on the street.

How much like life, after the jubilation,
came darkness, shameful suffering untold.
But, looking forward, was the great salvation,
more precious far than highest fame or gold.

Well, here we are, remembering these things of the Lord
while hoping for a spring day warm and bright.
The treasure we have found within the word,
has brought the true day out of darkest night.

The joy that glows from each child's shining face,
as then, they skip and whirl and branches wave,
and shout as Heavenly Father gives them grace,.
Their childish praise for everything He gave.

04/17/2011 Carol Morfitt
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