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Pith and Brevity

The beautiful thoughts, insightful and true,
Solutions for problems facing mankind
Are found, like a gem, precious and new,
But , sadly, blocked ears often find.

Could it be appetites, dulled by work-a-day grind,
Canít embrace the change they would bring?
Or a fact overload, too much noise for the mind,
That reception takes a downswing?

Interest seems to wane with each repetition,
And zealousness renders apathy worse.
If ever thereís hope to change that condition,
NOTE: repeats to attention = ratio inverse.

With limited exposure, curiosity tempted,
Bait tuned to the listenersí passion,
If their question asked, it may not be exempted,
Received , at least, in an accepting fashion?

Without plethora of peripheral data,
The target of ideas direct,
The listener, if not now, may reflect later
And with our ideas connect.

The bait may be key, elusive and subtle,
Explanation sparse, recounting, too, rare,
That wonít engender turn-off or rebuttal,
But leave space to take in value there.

These ideas brought forth, both caring and humble,
Maybe aid for the day from the blue,
If on some helpful truth I may stumble,
I submit it, respectful, to you.

©12/03/2010 Carol Morfitt
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