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Our Librarian Champion of Truth

Would you seek knowledge, pastime, art,
In your culture to take part?
Who has the expertise and heart
To help you meet these needs?

The man or lady that you seek
To find out how to make or speak,
Learn of aesthetics or technique,
Growth, entertaining reads.

The treasure that is kept on hand
To meet the public needs is planned,
By a warm, well-versed team leader manned,
Serving community.

To education needs enhance
With knowledge of the world’s expanse,
Background to increase the chance
Thoughts emerge materially.

One who small ones can motivate
To find fun and appreciate
Ideas and sounds and—a bit—wait,
Helping them to grow.

A big order for this personnel,
A leader who presents, as well,
Of nature and man’s products tell,
Whets the desire to know.

Needs of elderly and homebound,
Civil information found
Authors and patrons gather round,
Fiction, folk, agrarian.

To keep a balance in resources,
Music, spiritual, cars, horses,
Keep pace with cybernetic forces.
Hats off, Librarian!

©03/17/2011 Carol Morfitt
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