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Nature's Grand Charismatic Time of Renewal

With dainty steps on tiny tippy-toe,
through bare saplings, gracefully they pass,
alert, deer navigate through melting snow,
visual display of nature's class.

Turkey tracks and those of birds and mice,
leave marks on alternating mud and snow.
unaffected, no illusion or device,
give evidence of seasons' faithful flow.

And is that green? Pressed Under snowy load,
grass, with sudden winter cover, never brown,
prepared to tint the meadow, fringe the road,
the rolling seasons' verdant springtime gown.

Like the time of rainbow promise sealed
the earth spreads emerald carpet at our feet.
Newborn fawn in thicket, lamb in field
bounce and skip, reminding us that life is sweet.

03/19/2011 Carol Morfitt
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