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Monarch of the Past

You regal ram with curly horn;
You look like an ancient monarch
Who leads the ewes and lambs they've born
To the fold when shadows turn dark.

A modern flock all clean and shorn,
They graze in well-fenced pastures.
Still I see you with lordly horn
Now ancient tales out last yours.

When shepherd sat on craggy steep,
The lambs and ewes around him,
And watched, enfolding them for sleep,
Come predator, confound him.

When elf and faerie walked abroad
In thoughts of man and maiden,
Your ancestors trudged rugged road
With strands of wool all laden.

And now, put tale and rhyme away;
We think you're window dressing.
Although for safety, we’ll not stay.
Around those sharp horns messing.

©08/00/2011 Carol Morfitt
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