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Magi as I See Them

Where does one start to name the ways
Giving hearts choose to show their love?
So poignant at the holidays
When the greatest Gift came from above.
Fine objects, reverently placed,
Given to Jesus, concrete praise.
The Magi

She hurries to cover every source,
Bring the possibility to pass,
Another chance for the one she loves,
Hope, much-postponed, renewed at last.
And, so she counts what she has saved,
Glad for the corners she has shaved.
The Magi

Preparing for the coming home,
Loved children for vacation
Push to complete long-held plans,
Midnight oil, firm concentration
Hoping they’ll be gladly blessed
With efforts toward completion pressed.
The Magi

With burning of the midnight oil,
He makes a photo/sound array.
Through the result of skillful toil,
They may recall the special day.
To thrill the hearts of ones she holds
In high esteem, the gift unfolds.
The Magi

And she recalls a special time,
With over months, resources gleaned,
To celebrate a long life shared
Visual reminiscence seen,
And saw it with friends near and far
To relish things that were and are.
The Magi

She places a special Christmas scene,
Lovingly brought out each year,
Lavish expending of tiny means
Brought to parents –teary—cheer.
Used what they tried to extend,
So she could have a bit to spend.
The Magi

And, so it is at Christmas time
Our hearts fill up with misty joy
As foolish efforts, though sublime,
Cut through appearance’s alloy.
And love, received and kindly given
Gives us just a glimpse of Heaven.
The Magi.

©12/19/2010 Carol Morfitt
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