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Locator Contraption

The future electronic mastermind
will make our life a breeze.
A code identifying each thing,
we'll find them all with ease.

The master list upon the drive
of our computer aide
will make organizing come alive,
know where each thing is laid.

The "beep" of shirt and "ping" of pants,
guide to their whereabouts.
with "bzzt" for cooking pans or plants,
our house bring joyous shouts.

Just think, when we walk through the door,
with many batteries fading,
the chorus from ceiling to floor,
"beeps" and "boops" serenading.

With all that confusion, I can guess,
we may find we've had enough,
resort to our old and bumbling ways
to try to find our stuff.

08/11/2011 Carol Morfitt
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