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She was lovely, her form, her hair, her cheek,
Glowing in the sudden beam of my head light;
I saw her too few terrifying feet away,
Nonchalantly jaywalking in the night.

I don't know how she made her way across;
A wrench of panic within my heart rose.
For only an instant she was visible,
As I moved by her, perilously close.

The intersection lights
And approaching cars' bright glare
Made the black street in the center of the block
Virtual camouflage as she walked there.

Young lady, please acknowledge clear, bright lines,
Painted to protect all walkers such as you.
The law dictates with force that we stop there,
So, with confidence, you can pass safely through.

In dreams, I relived that panic one more time;
Not seeing you escape, this time, without a mark,
But your lovely form shattered in a crash.
Please, Dear, don't go jay-walking in the dark.

2010 Carol Morfitt
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