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With breathless wonder, I open sleepy eyes;
the flaming maple is shrouded misty white.
Asters and mums stand stiff in shocked surprise;
pines, snow-bent, in still submission, greet the light.

Sumac strive to show their red along the path;
milkweed stems sport pods of pale whipped cream.
Deer tracks are black midst snowfall's aftermath;
rivulets in car tracks catch the sun's soft gleam.

Drooping yellow willows weep frozen tears
standing over grass all bent and frosted white.
The flame and gold of autumn disappears;
winter, early, masquerades triumphant fight.

But, look! The sunbeams still some fervor hold
bright leaves' recovery we're hard put to believe.
What a welcome break in the too-early cold.
brief victory, Indian Summer's warm reprieve.

2010 Carol Morfitt
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