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In Memory of all brave souls

We reverently stand where sun-bathed breezes blow,
Flags flying high in honor and salute,
For countless troops we knew or did not know,
Gave their lives for our land in war’s dispute.

For those who, day by day stood in the ranks,
And learned the discipline of military life,
Who bravely stepped out, we give our thanks,
On land, on sea, in air, they faced the strife.

The fresh-faced boys and girls who said, “We’ll do our part.”
And faced danger, dirt, and dire circumstance,
Who yearned over letters, photos, keepsakes of the heart,
While those at home kept watch, prayed more than chance.

With stealth, some through enemy lines made their way,
Though at every turn, danger lurked in store,
Ferreting out crucial facts to save the day,
And some, seeing jaws of death agape, ran to the roar.

Corpsmen, seeing wounded comrades, braved the fray,
Struggling forward to bring them safety and to aid,
Who tended wounded, under fire, night or day,
And carried them through deadly weapons, mine or blade.

The strategists who bore the yoke of safety and success,
Of men and women carrying out orders of strategy,
The outcome for whom was life or death,
The larger hope, to keep the liberty.

In mountains, jungle, sand and grit of desert bleak,
They dreamed about the day when war would cease,
Their effort counted, time would come to speak,
And hear the gently whispered words of peace.

Chaplains and comrades bringing words and act of faith,
To rescue souls, secure should battle take them home.
Today, we remember how they protected life and breath,
And now, the praises due, love, honor, come.

A cadence of angel songs that shake the very ground
Above the blood and din of bomb and gun,
A fanfare, grant, of light and trumpet sound,
That says, “Hail you, daughter, son . Well done. Well done."

©05/19/2011 Carol Morfitt
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